7-Day Health Camp

A Life Changing Experience

A full ten days at Eden Pointe staying in one of our six guest rooms will give your body enough time to experience what a sustained nutritional-physical-spiritual renewal can do for you. Weight loss, blood pressure control, physical endurance, and pain relief are some of the many concerns facing people today. The 7-Day Health Camp is a rigorous program designed to address these and other problems through a comprehensive approach to restoring health through adherence to nature's laws.

What to Expect
The 7-day Health Camp is an extended StaySpa experience featuring super-nutritious meals prepared live each day while you watch. Healing herbal teas, alkalinizing and oxygenated drinks and live juices are served throughout the day as you enjoy a refreshing soak in the ozonated and heated Jacuzzi or relax in the gazebo. Recharge your immune system in the far-infrared sauna while listening to beautiful inspirational music or bathe your body with transdermal ozone in our new fiberglass steam sauna, then attend our walk through the forest along the stream to the waterfall.  Watch the continuous Life Lectures by renown authorities in the field of restorative health. Get a warm and soothing foot bath. Work-out in our exercise salon with our personal fitness director on our new Live-O2 EWOT system, and finish up with a relaxing light massage.  Optional services also available include lymphatic massage, thermographic vascular assessment, fever bath-cold sheet treatments, and colonic irrigation.  Each guest receives a printed report detailing six parameters monitored over the 7-day program. See a sample report here.

Also available:
The 3-Day StaySpa is a convenient week end option for those who want a quick rejuvenating health boost.

NOTICE:  We cannot accept any guests who require assistance in walking or eating,
                  who have had gastric surgery limiting their ingestion of liquids or foods,
                  have metastatic disease, or a pacemaker. A completed Health Questionnaire
                  must be submitted for application at least one week prior to arrival.

All guests wishing to attend a StaySpa program must submit an application three weeks before arrival. Applications will be reviewed and interviews scheduled two weeks prior to the start of your StaySpa experience. Attendance cannot be accepted without application approval.

Make Application Here
What to Bring

Driving Directions

Our program is designed to be a group experience. Those who participate and follow the established program will achieve the results we have consistently demonstrated. Those who insist on following their own program will be disappointed and would be best served to investigate an alternative source.

Eden Pointe LifeStyle is not a 24-hour medical crisis center and is not equipped to handle urgent medical care needs. We do not have a cardiac defibrillator or other emergency equipment. We are not a rehab center for coming off of drugs, tobacco and/or alcohol, and are not equipped to provide special care for guests with special physical, physiological or emotional needs. If you need special care or assistance in getting around our property, we require that you bring someone with you to help meet your special needs. We require that all guests disclose any significant health issues prior to coming. Anyone at high risk for needing emergency medical care should not come to Eden Pointe LifeStyle unless this risk has been brought to our attention. If our medical staff determines that a guest is in need of urgent medical care while staying at Eden Pointe LifeStyle, the client is required to pay any or all ambulance and hospital fees. If significant health issues are not disclosed prior to arrival, Eden Pointe LifeStyle reserves the right to ask a guest to leave without a refund.

Eden Pointe LifeStyle is a smoke-free, drug-free, vaping-free campus.

Call for current pricing (706) 692-0345 

  • Time and Schedule

    Arrival time: check-in by 4 PM Sunday for welcome, guided tour, an introductory health presentation, and light supper.
    Departure time: 1 PM the following Sunday.

  • Cost of Additional Services

    7-Day Health Camp: call (706) 692-0345 for room selections*

    *For a semi-private or private room. Executive suite as shown with private bath  is $20 more per night.
      See our Membership Program for additional discounts

    Also available is the 3-Day StaySpa 


    Thermographic Vascular Assessment per target area 
               (head-neck, chest/breast-back, pelvis/prostate, hands-feet)
    Lymphatic Massage  (60 minute session) $65
    Colonic Hydrotherapy  (60 minute session) $65
    Hyperthermic herbal bath and cold sheet treatment (45 minute session) $65
    Extra total body massage (45 minute session) $45
  • Refund Policy

    Refunds requested within 5 days prior to the start date will incur a 20% supply charge.
    After commencement a guest who must leave for qualified emergencies will receive credit for the unused portion minus the 20% supply charge toward a future session.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations including a shortening of stay made 14 days or less prior to check-in are not refundable nor are the funds transferrable. Cancellations made 15 days or more prior to check-in are refunded in full minus a $200 processing fee. Room changes are subject to a $50 processing/housekeeping charge per change.

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